Our participations

Under the lead of Samsun Commodity Exchange, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the participation rates of 30 per cent of the Special Provincial Administration, 21 per cent of the Stock Exchange, 21 per cent of Samsun TSO, 21 per cent of the Metropolitan Municipality and 7 per cent of Tekkeköy Municipality, Date and numbered 3909 and the "establishment protocol" is approved and the legal entity is registered in Samsun Food OSB, OSB, Tekkeköy on the total land of 465 thousand 454 square meters.
Samsun Provincial Governorate and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality for the preparation of the 'Samsun Provincial Development Strategy' for the contribution of the State Planning Organization to the State Planning Organization to go to 19- 07 -2004 Samsun Governor's Office, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and the State Planning Organization A triple protocol was signed. With this protocol, the State Planning Organization has agreed with Samsun Governorship, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Presidency and Samsun Provincial Development Strategy to provide technical support to these studies. The protocol stipulates the establishment of the Samsun Regional Economic Development Council (SABEKAK) in Samsun. SABEKAK, established with the aim of directing the basic planning to be done within the scope of Samsun Provincial Development Strategy and all the works to be done in this subject, made its first meeting on 04-08-2004.

  • Governorship of Samsun
  • Samsun Metropolitan Municipality
  • 19 Mayıs University Rectorate
  • Union of Samsun Municipalities
  • Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Samsun Commodity Exchange Presidency
  • Samsun Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans
  • Samsun Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperative
  • Samsun Chamber of Agriculture Presidency
  • TUGİB (Technology and International Development Business Association) Samsun Branch Presidency
The Council received a decision to establish a non-profit Regional Economic Development Company in order to be able to carry out Samsun Provincial Development Strategies mentioned above. As a result Samsun Regional Economic Development Corporation was established under the leadership of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

  • To prepare Samsun Provincial Development Strategy,
  • To make the implementation projects of the Strategy
  • Creating new business and business facilities
  • To follow up the structure of existing businesses and make use of new technologies and to make efforts to increase their market share,
  • To market the investment infrastructure and facilities of the province on national and international platforms,
  • To make international promotions of existing companies / enterprises and to institutionalize them in the frame of EU rules.
Definition and application area of the project
The construction of an international fair and congress center in Samsun Ilı Tekkeköy District of F36C.05A.4C in 60.000 m2 area of 334.130.65 m2 of land allocated to the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Directorate from Samsun National Estate Directorate located in parcel number 608 is planned . Within the scope of this project, construction and operation of the 1st Stage of Samsun Fair and Congress Center will be realized in the 15.516 m2 area of the said area. It is aimed to complete the construction of the project in 18 months and to open it to operation.

Samsun is the commercial center of the region as it has been in the past thanks to the strategic superiority of geography in national and international fields in agriculture, commerce, industry and tourism sectors. It is aimed to be an international fair and congress center due to the advantages that the city has and the superiority of the commercial structure mentioned in the Provincial Development Strategy Plan and the fact that Anatolia is a gateway to the countries and areas in the Black Sea bell.

Samsun Fair and Congress Center:
  • Samsun Governorship (Samsun Provincial Special Administration) Share 30%
  • Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Share Ratio 30%
  • Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Share 30%
  • Samsun Commodity Exchange Share Percentage 5%
  • 19 May University Foundation Share Percentage 5%
will be realized in partnership.

Purposes of the project;
  • To bring university and industry cooperation to the highest level and to bring together domestic and international companies working in the field of high technology.
  • To ensure that academic achievements and research results in universities are transformed into economic values.
  • To encourage the establishment of companies with the potential to produce advanced technology by raising the technological level and increasing international competitiveness and the growth of existing small companies.