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Çakır single list

Samsun Commodity Exchange Happened One HeartIn Samsun Commodity Exchange, professional committees and councilors were elected. The current chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Sinan Çakır, who is preparing for the third period, will enter with a single selection list to be made next Thursday. Cakir said, "We have only one girl. He also Samsun, "he said.

All the rooms and stock exchanges in our country entered the election week. In Samsun, the first choice was made by the Commodity Exchange with 366 electors. The choice of professional committees and council members was made under the message of unity and solidarity. At the end of the voting, the election to be held next Thursday, April 5, will be with the current list of current chairman Sinan Cakir single list. Cakir, in his speech before giving the message of Samsun, left behind two major presidential period signed during the current large projects were informed about. Cakir said:

"Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have made important and big projects for the development of the business world and our city. During this period, we made permanent investments in Samsun. Our ministers, deputies, governors, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality President, the district municipalities have signed a beautiful workmanship. We have brought the Fair and Congress Center to our city. We finished the food OSB. We added 200 acres here. Apart from this we are partner to Teknopark. Our Logistic Village is the biggest and most important project of both Black Sea and our country. We will also open our new building, which will provide the most modern service to our members along with our rooms and busses. All this will provide significant economic contributions and employment to our city in the coming years. After that, we will continue to spend all our labor and space for our members and our city at the same pace. "


Samsun Commodity Exchange Board Chairman Sinan Çakır underlines that a new industrial zone is needed for increasing our exports and underlined that they are in search of an industrial region of 10-15 thousand acres together with our public institutions and institutions for the city's dynamic and investor business world. Çakır said that with the expansion of the industrial zone, both the exportation of 1 billion dollars will be possible and the business volume will increase with the increase of production and the increase in the number of jobs will increase and the unemployment rate will increase in the near future.