Ulusoy: Purely Speculation ...

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Samsun Commodity Exchange Vice Chairman and Turkey Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF) President Günhan Ulusoy, "News that the price of flour icnreases to 175 liras are purely speculation. we are able to provide flour at 95 liras. We are ready for also." he said.

Ulusoy: Purely Speculation ...Turkey was brought to the brink of a new controversy with allegations of excessive increase in flour prices is done in recent days. 1 sack flour price of 175 liras and many areas of excessive stockpile of claims made in the public while discussing the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Commerce entered. Finally, the Ministry of Commerce announced that restrictions on the export of flour were introduced.

bringing together the flour industrialists in Turkey Turkey's Industrialists Federation (TUSAF) Samsunlu young Günhan President Ulusoy said in a statement, he sprinkled water on his heart. Ulusoy, "the price of the price of 175 liras are totally speculating." We are ready to give flour, we are ready for this. " The last few days is television in a live broadcast Günhan share with the public their views on the subject by attending Ulusoy, "Turkey's annual wheat production of 20 million tonnes. The amount of wheat consumed in all items Bread including 19 million yon. 5 million tons also have our imports. So flour and We have enough of ourselves in consumption, there is no problem here.

A reduction in the overall wheat production world, Ulusoy said the increase in prices, "Naturally, in this case the domestic market was also reflected in. Unfortunately, these reflections exchange rate increases, and coincided with the time of the wheat harvest. This price increase began to be suddenly manipulated. The world increased by 30 percent, Turkey ' 35 percent of the increase is around, "he said.

Günhan Ulusoy has been in talks with Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli and Deputy Minister Mustafa Aksu together with Samsun Commodity Exchange President Sinan Çakır after lively discussions on flour prices in recent days. Günhane Ulusoy pointed out that the price of one bag of wheat has reached 175 liras in recent days and that the stockholder is increasing, Günay Ulusoy says that the price doubled by 100 percent and we do not accept this price increase nor the stocking allegations. we are also asking that we not give a chance to opportunism in the pursuit of stocking. "In this issue, especially our tradesmen, we are ready to give 1 million, 2 million sacks of flour 95 liras.
Ulusoy finally said, "A price of 175 liras did not come to our preliminary, selling about 2-3 sacks does not represent a generic price, and that an bakery sells bread at 5 liras does not bind other bakeries. The price of 175 liras is not a price of bread flour. It is a situation where there will be trouble, so there is no situation neither lack of flour nor will make the public worried. "