President's message

Commodity exchanges are institutions with innumerable benefits to the country's economy, which are based on competition, have a high level of information circulation and sharing, and have applied international standards, thus creating a dynamic and rational environment in the market economy environment of producers, consumers, exporters and industrialists.
We have been in a period of accelerating since 2013 and a turning point in which the ever-evolving and service-oriented understanding that we will feel the effects of this year is dominant. In this period we will aim to provide the highest quality services to our members who are in the business of Agriculture, Food and Livestock Sectors, to provide the fastest service in the services offered, to minimize the mistakes in the offered services, to maximize the member satisfaction, to adhere to all conditions and to maintain its continuity and to constantly improve.

Our Exchange; Thanks to the efforts of the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the administrative cadres, and with the support of our members, the institutional structure in the administrative sense, the laboratories equipped with modern devices and equipments in physical sense, the staffs equipped with product sales, meetings, training halls, offices and all kinds of knowledge, , We will make it a respectable and effective institution that exemplifies the relationship and cooperation with the national and international community, which meets all the needs and expectations of its members, increases the quality and variety of continuous services, pioneers projects and activities in our territory in our country.

In this development process, while ensuring the development of commercial and industrial life in the sectors of agriculture, food and stockbreeding within the framework of the duties and responsibilities laid down by the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and the Chambers and Stock Exchange Act of 5174, To increase the diversity of information and services and to ensure that human health, safety and well-being are observed in all its activities, thus contributing to the development of our members, our society and our country.

As Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk pointed out, "The most important factor which is related to the increase of a nation by its direct life, its fondness, is the economics of the nation." The way of economic success is by working hard in the direction of goal setting, planning and these goals and plans.

Best regards

Chairman of the board of directors