Cosme 2017 Yearly Work Program
21 Şubat 2017 Salı
Kaynak; KOSGEB
It is the Union Program covering the years 2014-2020 aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the European Union's enterprises and SMEs.
Jean Monnet Scholarship Program 2016-2017 Academic Year Applications Have Begun!
2 Eylül 2016 Cuma
Kaynak; Jean Monnet Burs Programı
The applicants for the 2016-2017 academic year of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Program began on 4 February 2016. The applications will be finalized on 4 April 2016. The Jean Monnet Scholarship Program aims to contribute to the creation of the needed administrative capacity in this area by increasing the number of specialists in areas related to the EU acquis in the context of Turkey's full membership goal of the European Union.
Project Cycle Management
20 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi
Kaynak; T.C. Avrupa Birliği Bakanlığı
Take the first step in the project preparation process with the Project Cycle Management training module.
KOBIGEL - SME Development Support Program
21 Mart 2016 Pazartesi
Kaynak; KOSGEB
In support of the national and international goals of the country, small and medium-sized enterprises are to support the projects they will prepare in order to increase their share in the economy and their activities, to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and the added value they provide.
IPARD II 1st Call for Proposals
18 Aralık 2015 Cuma
Kaynak; TKDK
Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency is on IPARD II 1st Call for Proposals on 18.12.2015
Industrial Dissertation Program (San-Tez) Implemented by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 2015 Year Call for Proposals is published!
2 Ekim 2015 Cuma
Kaynak; Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı
Applications for the 2015 San-Thesis Program will start on February 2, 2015. The applications will be received continuously throughout the year and the project manager will be on-line via the R & D web portal ( address by the academicians.
Fifteenth Application Announcement for the IPARD Program
10 Eylül 2015 Perşembe
Kaynak; TKDK
The Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK), the relevant organization of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, has announced on behalf of the Republic of Turkey that the IPA, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance of the European Union, has emerged. This call for admission concerns applicants to be supported by businesses seeking to make investments under the Rural Development (IPARD) Program.
Rural Development (IPARD) Program 14. Call for Proposals
20 Nisan 2015 Pazartesi
Kaynak; TKDK
Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Agency-IPA has been invited by the TKDC to call for the Fourteenth proposal regarding the projects to be implemented under the Rural Development Component. Applicants will start accepting at the TKDK Provincial Coordinatorships, where the relevant sub-measure will be supported and the investment will be implemented, starting from 09:00 hours on May 11, 2015, and the deadline for submission of applications will be 05.06.2015, 23.00.
Ab and Turkey Civil Society Dialogue - Iv Environmental, Energy and Consumer and Health Protection Grant Scheme
25 Şubat 2015 Çarşamba
Kaynak; Sivil Toplum Diyalogu | Avrupa Birliği Bakanlığı
The Ministry of the European Union continues to support the dialogue process between Turkey and the European Union non-governmental organizations through the Civil Society Dialogue grant programs financed under Pre-Accession EU Financial Assistance. It is aimed to build strong links and cooperation between Turkey and the EU member country civil society through grant projects that will be developed in the title and policy area of the nine Civil Society Dialogue-IV Grant Scheme grants and which will make a significant contribution to Turkey's EU accession process.
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